Plunger Tips for Aluminum Die-Casting

Borga Meccanica S.R.L. worked for over thirty years in metallic and ceramic coatings, developing a large experience in the die-casting of light alloys.

Through a long process of research and countless tests we designed the BM Plunger Tip for Aluminum Die-casting, made of steel coated with an exclusive alloy. The main advantages of our product are:

  • Long life (60.000-80.000 processing cycles for a typical 70mm plunger tip)
  • Less wear of the chamber
  • Breaking down of the exchanging time
  • Cost saving

Moreover the rising prices and the toxicity of the beryllium-copper alloys made our products more and more economically competitive and enviromentally friendly.

Our policy is to give the First Plunger Tips for Free becouse we know that when a customers starts to use our products usually can’t came back.

BM System Mark II

Borga Meccanica SRL is pleased to introduce its new cutting edge die-casting injection system BM Mark II. This system is the completion of a research started 30 years ago and it’s made of two parts:

  • BM Holder Mark II. The special stainless steel holder allows an excellent cooling of the tip, thanks to its water cooling circuits
  • BM Tip Mark II. The BM Tip Mark II move all the advantages of steel coated injector technology into an extreme performance product. The quick coupling allows a fast and easy replacement of spare parts

The BM System Mark II is also available with seal ring.